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Winter Activities with Kids

Updated: May 26

Depending upon where you live your winter may not look like mine, but this year we are into the end of January before we are getting any real snow. I am not a cold weather person, but a few years ago I decided to embrace the weather and get outside with my kids. Here is a list of activities that make the cold weather bearable.

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  • Snowshoeing - Look up local parks (state or county) for rentals.

Around me I can get snowshoes for kids for $2/hr and $4 a day.

  • Hiking - Put on your snowpants, boots, hats, gloves, and winter coats and enjoy one of the local nature trails. When it snows it is easier to follow animal tracks and discover things you may never see in the summer.

  • Sledding - Grab a tube, saucer, or plastic sled and hit the hills. Although there are big hills that cost money many towns have a smaller local hill that is the perfect size for kids. After a few trips up and down the little ones will be tired out and ready for some hot chocolate.

  • Make a snowman - What is better then driving up to your house everyday and being greeted by the snow family you made with your kids? Get our your extra hats and scarfs, find some sticks or stones in the yard, grab some carrots from the fridge and get creative with the snowmen's costumes.

  • Paint the snow - Amazon has some wonderful snow paint that has provided my kids with lots of laughter and a creative way to express themselves.

  • Puzzles - If it is too cold to go outside start a puzzle. It is a great way for kids to have fun while learning problem solving skills, practicing spatial awareness, and teamwork. Personally we pick harder puzzles that take more than one sitting and use a puzzle saver mat to protect it from pets until we can return.

  • Make playdoh - Each time we make Playdoh we usually find a new recipe on Pinterest depending upon what we have in the house. We have made Kool-aid Playdoh, Pumpkin Play-doh, Play-doh Slime, and Cloud Play-doh.

  • Slime - Although slime isn't my favorite item to bring into the house it is always an option to add some fun into those cold winter days when you're trapped in the house.

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